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HopStop.com Launches Site for PDAs and Other Web-Enabled Mobile Devices

New York, NY, June 27, 2006

HopStop.com, the most-used site for subway and bus directions in the United States, today announced the launch of HopStop PDA (HopStop.com/pda). Consumers can now access HopStop’s services from their PDA and other web-enabled devices. Visitors who visit HopStop.com from their Blackberry, Treo or other similar devices and will automatically be taken to a version of HopStop made for small screens.

"The launch of HopStop PDA is a continuation of our efforts to provide our users with convenient and user-friendly ways to access HopStop’s services. Consumers can also call our voice recognition service at 888-2HOPSTOP or send us a text message to get point-to-point mass transit directions,” said Chinedu Echeruo, Founder and CEO of HopStop.com.

HopStop’s PDA-friendly site will provide most of the information available on the HopStop.com website, such as step-by-step walking, subway and bus directions, choice of directions in nine languages, and easy to read maps.

“HopStop’s PDA site was built using technology which will allow us to continue deploying new functionality for the millions of web-enabled devices in the market today. We are also are very happy to have Zagat Survey’s ZAGAT TO GO as a sponsor of this new product,” Echeruo said.

“HopStop.com’s innovative mobile-friendly transit directions site is a great complement to ZAGAT TO GO (http://mobile.zagat.com), our mobile restaurant and entertainment software. We’re pleased to be a launch sponsor for this new and exciting consumer product,” said Dan Entin, Product Manager, Internet & Wireless at Zagat Survey.

About HopStop.com HopStop provides door-to-door directions to city residents and tourists via public transportation systems. The company is building the first national network to facilitate inter-city and intra-city travel using mass transit systems. The Company’s services are currently available in New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

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