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2006 Commuter Choice Awards

Significant Differences Found Among NYC Subway Service Quality for the Second Year in a Row: HopStop Users Speak Out About their Commuter Options

New York, NY, February 19, 2007

Commuters in and around New York City have spoken. For two years in a row, users of HopStop.com have found a large disparity among the many subway lines in terms of line performance and quality. HopStop.com, the most used site for mass transit directions in the United States, recently published its findings for the 2006 Commuter Choice Awards survey.

In a poll taken by HopStop based on 2,910 commuter ratings taken throughout 2006, users evaluated each subway line based on timeliness, safety, cleanliness and comfort. Based on a 10 point scale, the winner for over all quality, the Q line, received a 7.7. The over all worst line, the E, received a 3.2. This large gap between the best and worst is mirrored in every category. The S line received perfect scores for both cleanliness and safety. On the other end of the scale, a 1.0 was given for the 3 train for safety and W line for cleanliness. This is not the first time HopStop users have rated the subways with such disproportion among the lines. For the second year in a row, New York City subway users are finding their commuter choices run the gamut of cleanliness, safety, timeliness and comfort.

2006 Best and Worst NYC Subway Lines:

Overall: Q, S, 6, V, PATH
Timeliness: PATH, Q, 6, 7, 4
Safety: S, Q, W, PATH, 4
Cleanliness: S, 6, L, S, V
Comfort: M, Q, V, 3, R

Overall: E, 3, C, G, N
Timeliness: C, W, G, R, N
Safety: 3, C, E, G, M
Cleanliness: W, 3, E, 7, PATH
Comfort: E, N, 1, 4, B

Included in the survey are comments based on each user’s experience. One commuter said the Q train is the “#1 Train In NYC. Hands down.” Even the N, which was rated one of the overall worst trains in the subway system, had at least one commuter who found something to smile about, “Completely unreliable - The only reason this train doesn't get a 1 rating is for that one extremely friendly conductor - The guy that tells you the time and says thanks for riding with the MTA - I really enjoy that.”

HopStop.com also services parts of New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco and is looking to expand its site to include Long Island, Miami and Los Angeles. Included in their services is text messaging for directions, emails for registered users about weekly diversions and PDA accessibility.