City Guide

Cafe Riviera

830 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: (718) 383-8450

Description: The smell of sweet pastries will soothe the spirits of every patron who walks into Cafe Riviera. The rows of cookies, tarts, and fluffy petite madeleines will make the cookie connoisseur stand with jaw agape in amazement. Cafe Riviera is owned by the stellar Margaret Tokarski. Patrons will love the minced apples in the layers of the apple cake. For fans of lemon-flavored confections, the poppyseed roll will whet the appetite with a lemon glaze on top. Happy workers will greet all curious looks with kindness and are ready to answer any questions about the process of making pastries as well as the favorite flavors of the day. The neighborhood patrons come for chocolate croissants, cheese danishes, apple turnovers, and excellent coffee service. In the quaint neighborhood of Greenpoint, people will smile and wave as they walk down the street. The natural rhythm of busy lives coincides with the exquisite experience of Cafe Riviera. The cream of the fruit tarts is not too sweet with distinctive flavors that have a hearty crust. Accompanying the teas and coffee selection are the hot chocolates which have been deemed “amazing.” Monday through Sunday, Cafe Riviera is open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Stop by Manhattan Avenue between Noble Street and Calyer Street for a delectable dessert.