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Manna's Restaurant

2353 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10027
Phone: (212) 749-9084

Description: Manna’s Soul Food Restaurant Manna's soul food restaurant is a family-operated business that serves as NYC’s finest soul food salad bar. In 1984, founder Betty Park opened her first restaurant in the Harlem neighborhood, a corner BBQ joint. Then in 1991, she opened Manna's Soul Food Restaurant. Today Manna’s has four locations in Harlem, and all of them offer an extensive menu of hot and cold items designed to satisfy every hankering and craving. Manna’s Harlem soul food restaurants accommodate lunch and dinner guests from every borough as well as out of state tour groups (up to 50 diners at a time) in addition to offering catering services to feed your soul! Manna's several convenient locations include the following: 23538thAvenue(125 St)NY, NY 10027(212) 749-9084(seats up to 40) 54 East 125 Street( Madison Ave)NY, NY 10035(212) 360-4975(seats up to 50) 486 Lenox Avenue(at134thSt.) NY, NY 10037(212) 234-4488(seats up to 65) 70 West125thStreetNY, NY 10027(212) 828-1230(seats up to 80) Since its inception, Manna's has both employed and served local Harlem food lovers, maintaining a knowledgeable, professional food services team who speak French and Spanish in addition to English. Manna’s Catering As part of its catering services, Manna's soul food caters to all types of functions: corporate meetings, holiday parties, graduation party, and anniversaries. Manna's is proud to have catered events for clients, such as the NY Fire Department, the NYPD, New York City Housing Authority, Simon Schuster, and Fox 5 – to name a few.