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Physical Medicine Acupuncture

201 West 74th Street., St. Suite 16G
NY, NY 10023

Description: Through precise, powerful, yet gentle contacts, and delicate needle application, Physical Medicine Acupuncture (PMA) provides the tools which free physiological defenses, cueing the Central Nervous System to employ its potent self-corrective strategies, inviting order and new dimensions of relief. PMA's unique approach supports a "no force, non chiropractic" model of neural integrity coupled with the unlimited potential of Oriental medicine. Philip holds a Doctor of Acupuncture,R.I; a New York State License; is Board Certified; and a Clinical Masters Degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine specializing in orthopedic disorders, joint disease, and spinal cord injuries. Philip is also a graduate of the New York College of Health Professions for Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management (est. 1992). Questions? Please email me. Read more

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Provides acupuncture to alleviate tension, reduce stress and promote a healthy Nervous System.Read More
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