City Guide

Thrifty Beverage Center

990 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm
Sun 9:00am-4:00pm
Phone: (718) 854-6156

Description: In 1951, two brothers opened a retail store along the Culver-Narrows rail line on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn and aptly named their place of business the "Culver - Narrows Beer Distributor". The brothers worked hard at the business over the years and when their children were old enough, were brought in to help out after school and during the summer. Eventually, in 1986, one of the sons became sole proprietor of the establishment. Prior to this, the brothers joined in a collective advertising and purchasing enterprise of over 50 independent stores known as "Thrifty Beverage Centers" , who would run adds in local newspapers featuring sales of the week on many different brands of beer and soda sold at these stores. Culver- Narrows, never changing its name. through these adds , became known to many as simply, "Thrifty". For 60 years this store has been able to keep up with all of the massive changes and fierce competition for business ,where today, supermarkets and even gas stations and drug stores feature items that were once exclusive to Culver-Narrows.