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 HopStop AdLocal
  Step 1: Set Your Target Location
  Step 2: Create Your Local Ad or Coupon
  Step 3: Create Your Account
  What is a target area?
  What is a local ad?
  Why should I advertise locally?
  How do you pay?
  How do you price?
  What is a target location?
  How should I choose a target location?
  Why should I list multiple locations?
  Which cities are you available in?
  Target Area
  Ready to Advertise?
  Description Line 1
  Description Line 2
  Business Image
  Website Address
  Website Name
  Building Address
  Floor/Suite #
  Ad Name
  When can I expect to hear?
  When do I pay?
  When does my campaign start?
  Who should I email if I have questions?