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Directions: New York
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Suggested Route
walk  Start out going North on FLATBUSH AVE 3 min
Take the 5:05 PM B41 Bus from Flatbush Av - Church Av station heading to LTD DNTWN BKLYN CADMAN PLZ via FLATBUSH 2 min
  Get off at Flatbush Av - Empire Bl 7 min
walk  Start out going North West on FLATBUSH AVE towards OCEAN AVE
  Entrance near intersection of FLATBUSH AVE and OCEAN AVE 2 min
Take the 5:21 PM S Train from Prospect Park station heading to FRANKLIN AV 7 min
  Get off at Franklin Avenue 7 min
Take the 5:33 PM C Train from Franklin Av station heading to EUCLID AV 6 min
  Get off at Broadway - East New York 10 min
Take the 5:48 PM J Train from Broadway Jct station heading to JAMAICA CENTER - PARSONS/ARCHER 5 min
  Get off at Jamaica Center - Parsons/Archer 22 min
  Exit near intersection of 153RD ST and ARCHER AVE (93RD AVE) 2 min
walk  Start out going West on ARCHER AVE (93RD AVE) towards 158TH ST 1 min
Take the 6:15 PM n4 Bus from Archer Ave. & 158 St. station heading to Freeport 2 min
  Get off at Merrick Blvd + Ll6th Ave 10 min
walk  Start out going North West on MERRICK BLVD towards 116TH AVE
  Turn left onto 116TH AVE 3 min
  Turn left onto 168TH ST 1 min
  Arrive at 116-14 168TH ST, St. Albans, New York
Total travel 13.82 miles, 1 hour 29 mins
From 943 FLATBUSH AVE to bus stop
(Total Walking: 0.17 miles/3 mins)
From bus stop to subway station
(Total Walking: 0.02 miles/0 mins)
From subway station to bus stop
(Total Walking: 0.06 miles/1 min)
From bus stop to 116-14 168TH ST
(Total Walking: 0.21 miles/4 mins)
Transportation Mode:
Subway only
Bus only
Walking only

Estimates above are informational only. Routes are subject to real-time conditions that could positively or negatively affect our cost/time estimates.
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